Tuesday, 7 February 2012

O r g a n i c W o o l

I’m so excited about my new wool, I have to share.

Last week I received a shipment of organic superfine merino that's grown on a farm in Otago (South Island) called Lammermoor Station. I couldn’t be happier with this wool. AMAZING stuff.

Organic fibers are growing in popularity as people see the benefits environmentally, and in overall quality of the fibre.  Nature Baby, a great baby apparel company comments on organic fibres, saying: “Organic Merino Wool production is based on positive holistic management systems, which reduce or eliminate the need for most agricultural chemicals and promote healthy soil, air, waterways and humane animal practices.”
It’s a bit more work for the farmer, but it makes for happier sheep and better fibres for the environment and, of course, for you and me. In sum, organic wool implies a few things:
1. the sheep can only graze on organic forage and feed 
2. the sheep cannot be given synthetic hormones, vaccinations, pesticides, parasiticides (insecticides) 
3. all processing of the wool is free of nasty chemicals, i.e. harsh detergents or petroleum based oils (which deplete the benefits of lanolin and can irritate a person’s skin while wearing the wool garment).  Note that lanolin is awesome for your skin (read more here). 

Feel free to add this list to your fridge (or pin it to pinterest)
Let me know if you want to try some.. its pretty awesome!!

much love,